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East Preston Community page

You may find the following Facebook page useful. There’s quite a lot of information and news being posted to it. The Facebook page is the unofficial East Preston Community page.

East Preston Festival 2020 cancelled

The June festival is cancelled. Please see this message from Kerry Frost, Chairman.

Website close during 2020

Graham and Liz moved out of East Preston (to Norfolk) in July 2019. After existing for around 10 years, the East Preston Village website is gradually being shrunk (for various reasons, including the fact we no longer live in the village) and it will close during 2020.

We are currently speaking to the Parish Council about donating the domain names and the remaining site content, before the site is closed.

Changes to this website

Vacancies removed (Feb 2020)

The page (of village jobs and vacancies) was being rarely used, so has now been removed.

Website and Admin changes (16 Oct 2019)

You will have noticed several changes (things removed, mainly) to this website in the past few months. This website was developed and is being run for the village by Graham and Liz Street. We lived in, and contributed to, the village for 40 years – but have now moved away from the area. We’ve removed some underused or outdated areas of this site and will continue to do so. Eventually we will donate the ‘eastprestonvillage’ domain names to the Parish Council to use as they wish for the village in the future.

No more events, organisations or businesses on this site (Oct 2019)

As of October 2019, we no longer list East Preston businesses on this website. The listings held on this site were getting outdated, new submissions were not forthcoming and there are two other websites now offering better and more up to date information, You can get local business and trader information from the All About Magazines website or from the East Preston Business Community website. Please visit the BUSINESSES page for more information.

As of July 2019, we no longer list the East Preston events on this website. All events are now on the All About Magazines website, and you can add your event to that website. See the EVENTS page for more information. We also no longer list the East Preston organisations on this website. Organisations can be added to the the All About Magazines website. Please visit the ORGANISATIONS page for more information.

The ‘All About’ website (www.allaboutmagazines.co.uk) shows events for Angmering, East Preston, Ferring, Rustington and Littlehampton – and has a wide audience. So, your event or organisation will get additional advertising by being listed there. If you add your event far enough in advance (usually a couple of months), it will also get listed in the ‘All About’ magazines that are currently distributed to thousands of local homes.

Village news no longer on this site (Oct 2019)

The amount of news contributed to this site by village residents dropped to very low levels. Around the beginning of Oct 2019, the last item submitted was 6 months ago. Rather than show old and out of date news, we’ve decided to close the news page. We will still post any items of interest on this home page, if you contact us. Latest village news is regularly published by the Parish Council and this is where you can get onto their mailing list.

Other News

Festival Website

The East Preston Festival now has its own website at www.eastprestonfestival.org.uk.

Village Website Mailing List

If you want to keep up to date by getting regular email news about life in the village (apart from visiting this site of course) we suggest you sign up to the Parish Council email list. Click for more information and a signup form.