Frequently Asked Questions

Now we've been running this site for a few years, here's a few questions that we often get asked, together with their answers.

I have a poster. Will you display it on the site?

Sorry, we don't add posters to the website, but we plan to provide the ability to add one photo to News items in the future. If you have a NEWS item, please add it yourself. The website is deliberately set up to allow you to add these things yourself and we need them as words and not PDFs or JPG images.

I have a photo to add to a news item. How do I do this?

At the moment, we'll allow a photo to enhance a News item but we need to add it for you. When you've submitted your news, you'll get an acknowledgement email. When you get that, reply with one photo (not a poster or PDF) and we'll manually add it to the site for you.

Can I put a link on your website?

We only add links that are relevant. If you have local news, events, a business, and organisation or a job, you can add this yourself. Sorry we don't allow links to your site if its not relevant to the village.

Can I email my News, Event (etc) for someone to add?

No sorry. This is a self-service website and we give you the ability to add some things yourself.

I'd like to change an existing entry on the website. How do I do this?

If something needs to be changed, please don't submit the item again. Contact us and we will amend it for you.

Please revisit this page now and again, to see if we have added more FAQs.