Website changes

September 2017 – We’ve made some changes to this website

Why the changes?

Over several months (if not a year), we saw a gradual decline in additions made to this website – specifically to the NEWS and EVENTS pages. The result was that the site seemed out of date and that not much was happening. Clearly this is not so as East Preston is very busy.

Specific examples were that we spotted were shows and events that are going on in the village, but had not been added to this website. Any news on the site is added by us or by one or two key people in the village. The intention of the site was that it should be self-organised by the people with the news or who are running the events – but it doesn’t happen that way now.

Possible reasons?

We think there may be several reasons. People are busy doing other things, and there are other sites where events can be added. There was also replication (in the method of adding events) with the ‘All About’ website that covered East Preston and the surrounding towns and villages. Many EP events were only being added to the All About website.

So, what have we done?

EVENTS – We’ve removed the adding of events to this website. However, all the EP village events are usually listed at So we are now listing a subset of the All About events (just the East Preston ones). We have provided a link to the ‘add event’ page at All About Magazines and you can add your events there. Now, your events only have to be added once and they will appear on both websites.

NEWS – We will retain the news pages on this website, but will slightly change the way you add them. There will still be an online form, but we will take your words and photos and create the news on the website for you. If the news is a small item, we’ll put it onto the home page. If its larger and with photos, we’ll put it onto the news page.

When is this happening?

The EVENTS change is already done and the NEWS change will be done in the coming weeks.